Biography of King of la taifa de Zaragoza Abdallah Ibn al-Hakam (s. XI)

Fourth and last King of the taifa of Zaragoza, belonging to the dynasty Tujibi, who lived in the 11th century and whose dates of birth and death are unknown.

Son of al - Hakam Ibn Abd al-Rahman Al - Tujibi to was a descendant of the branch of Muhammad al - Awar, and grandson of Abd al - Rahman Ibn Muhammad, first Governor of Zaragoza tujibi. He/She was cousin of Al-Mundhir II al-Mansur and general of his army. According to the chronicler Ibn Hayyan, Abdallah hated her cousin and wanted to kill him. August 23, 1039 entered the Palace of Zaragoza, while Al-Mundhir was reading and accompanied by few servants; He/She killed it with a knife and then cut off his head that put on a lance and showed the crowd. It argued that he/she had killed the monarch for not recognizing the sovereignty of the false Caliph Hisham II, which had been proclaimed in Seville in 1035. After the assassination he/she summoned the qadi and the nobles of Zaragoza and explained to them that he/she had done that for the good of the State, and asked that they tranquilizasen the population.

Abdallah showed from the outset membership Sulayman Ibn Hud al-Mustasin, who had been Commander of the army of Al-Mundhir I and exercised governance in Tudela and Lleida. In this way he/she won Abdallah Zaragoza nobles confidence and deployed a government program that could be carried out because it had been planned in advance, while his reign lasted less than two months. After taking the title of haajib made mint coins with his name, but they did not put the name Hisham II, for whose benefit claimed to have launched the coup. This fact shows that the murder of Al-Mundhir II was due only to his ambition of power and that rise was assisted by some of his supporters. Muslim Chronicles highlights his cruel character who did mutiny the population of Zaragoza; the crowd stormed the fortress and in the revolt died Yequtiel Ibn Ishaq, high Jewish character of the Zaragoza Court; Abdallah managed to flee and save lives. Took refuge in Rueda, and after its fall disappeared from Chronicles. The power was taken by Sulayman al - Mustasin, which gave rise to the Banu Hud dynasty.


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