Biography of King of la taifa de Carmona Abdallah Ibn Ishaq (ca. 980-1024)

King of the taifa of Carmona born about 980 and died in 1024. The taifa of Carmona was the most important of the small Berber taifas surrounding Seville.

Belonging to the Zanata tribe and the family of the birzalies, followers of the sect Nakiri, of the Ibadiya Jariyí, Abdallah was son of Ishaq al - Wardasaní Al - Birzali, that Almanzor had settled in the area of Carmona. He/She was independent from 1013, and was faithful to the Caliph of Córdoba al - Musta'in (1009-1016), who was the one who gave the Government of the taifa. From the rise to the Caliphate of Alí ibn Hammud had disagreements with the hammudids Caliphs. At his death he/she was succeeded by his son Muhammad.


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