Biography of Muhammad Ben Ahmed Abdelghani (1927-1996)

Military and Algerian politician, Prime Minister of Algeria (1979-1984), born in Oran (Algeria), on March 18, the year 1927 and died in Algiers (Algeria), on 22 September in 1996. He/She was one of the main leaders in the struggle for the independence of Algeria against French domination.

Member of a modest family, teenager managed to finish their school in Oran, after which began to be interested in politics, joining the party of the Algerian people (PPP), led by the charismatic nationalist and reformist character organization Messali Hadj, time in which Abdelghani was forged as one of the fundamentals of the vigorous anti-French Algerian movement figures. Just pop the insurrection against France, in November of the year 1954, which gave beginning to the long war for independence, Abdelghani took contact with cinema and the FLN (National Liberation Front) from Ferhat Abbás, organization that brought together all opposition groups, anti-Frenchwomen. He/She was sent by the Organization in tasks of coordination and recruitment to Cairo. Subsequently, between 1956 and 1962, he/she worked as headquarters of various military sectors, reaching the rank of Colonel and Chief of the military Region I, the latter once the country got its independence, on 1 July of the year 1962 for his brilliant actions.

Dissatisfied with the policy adopted by the first Algerian President Ben Bella, Abdelghani supported seamless coup d'etat headed by the also Colonel Huari Boumedian, fidelity that the new President awarded to appoint him, on 20 December of the year 1974, Minister of the Interior in replacement of the deceased Ahmed Medeghri. To form a new Cabinet, in April of the year 1977, Abdelghani was confirmed in his post. Dead Boumedian, in December of the year 1978, the FLN, become long the only party in the country and the support of the regime, appointed a sole candidate to succeed the late leader on the staff of Colonel Chadli Benyedid, former Minister of Defense, who was presented to all as the only one able to provide cohesion within the partytoo shaken by various trends or lobbying. While Benyedid was not substantially modify the policy adopted by the former President, their work represented a step forward towards a regime of liberties. In this order of things, Benyedid Abdelghani, entrusted the chairmanship of the Government on 8 March 1979, charge that held until the month of January of the year 1984, date which went on to the post of Minister of State at the Presidency, Government function of newly created expressly for him.

The Government of Abdelghani had to deal with difficulties of all kinds, both political and social. Featured were produced during his first year in office as Minister of Interior, caused by serious incidents with the population of Berber of the Kabila, jealous of the preservation of its cultural and social traditions, and by the tremendous earthquake that which plagued the city of El Asnam (current Ech Chelif), in which about 10,000 people were killed and more than 300,000 lost their homes. On 9 August of the year 1988, Abdelghani was hyping their political positions as a result of the constitutional reform enacted by Benyedid, motivated by the very serious disorder and insurrection that rocked across the country over the previous year by the tremendous crisis spanning Algeria at all levels.