Biography of Abdelmumen (s. XII)

Ruler of the Arabic Spain from the year 1130 to the 1163. Disciple of Mahdi, was proclaimed to his death. He/She continued the war against the Almoravids and soon took over from Morocco, which was installed as sultan. Spanish Muslims, who had risen against the Almoravids, was called to his aid. Abencasi was the first of them. Then came an Almohad army commanded by general Barraza to Spain, and after helping to Abencasi, conquered Seville in 1147. The Andalusian rose against the almohades, but a new army of these came to the aid of the first; the war continued and the cities of the Arabic Spain were falling in power of the Almohads. Abdelmumen died in 1163 without having finished the war against the Wolf King and one of his sons succeeded him.