Biography of Abderrahmán al Gafiqui (s. VIII)

Seventh Arab emir of Spain. He/She was born in the mid-7th century and died in the year 732. His Government coincides in time with the reigns of Yezid and Hixem. During the first two years of his reign he/she visited the provinces of Spain and devoted himself to amend the abuses committed by his predecessor, Haitham. The death of the Caliph, Yezid, on 27 January the year 724, his brother Hixem was succeeded by and some of his bosses, annoying by the popularity achieved by Abderrahman, began to instigate against it, until they got their dismissal. In the year 728 it was spare in his position by Mohamed and began the conquest of the great land, which reinforced his army through Greek and Egyptian volunteers. I thought to conquer France taking over first of Aquitaine and of Neustria; However, before you begin the March he/she had news that the Governor of the eastern border, Abu Otman, had allied with Odo, whose daughter, Lampegia, had married. Abderrahman decided to punish Abu Otman and sent a body of its troop under command of the Syrian Chief Gedhi ibn Zeyán to punish him. According to some chroniclers, Abu Otman, being chased, precipitated by an abyss; while others say that he/she died bravely in combat. After this, in 732, Abderrahman was launched, became the Garonne, ravaged the country until Bordeaux, conquered the city and defeated Eudes on the banks of the Dordogne. Front of Tours, he/she received the news that Carlos Martel, who had been called by Eudes to help resist attack, and since he/she threatened their own States, took party beside the Duke of Aquitaine and marched to meet. Consequently, between the cities of Tours and Poitiers the two armies met and, finally, 8 October 732 took place the battle of Poitiers, which ended with the victory of the army leader Carlos Martel and the defeat of Abderrahman.