Biography of Belaid Abdesselam (1928-VVVV)

Algerian politician, born in July of 1928 in Dehemcha, which was, among other officials, Prime Minister and Minister of economy.

He studied at the University of Grenoble. After chairing the General Union of Algerian students, came then as an instructor at the school of the national front of liberation in Oujda. Specializing in technical issues, was political adviser in the interim Government (GPRA) of B. Y. Ben Khedda in 1961, in Tunisian exile. In 1962 he/she served new of economic advice to the first Executive of independent Algeria, chaired by A. Ben Bella.

Between 1964 and 1966, he/she directed the national society of production, processing and marketing of hydrocarbons (SONATRACH). In 1966 he/she held the powerful Ministry of industry and hydrocarbons, pointer sector accelerated and socializing development schemes launched by the regime of H. Bumedien (should not be forgotten that oil and gas were and are almost exclusively the country's exports), and in 1977 joined the light industry, until 1980. In 1974, presided over the Council of the Organization of Arab exporting countries of oil (OPAEP) and, between 1979 and 1981, the Special Economic Committee of the Central Committee of the FLN.

Marginalized in the last years of the Presidency of C. Bendjedid, new political course started in January 1992 by a High Council of State (HCS) instead of one integrated by sectors of the old guard of the FLN and the army, as a reaction to the election victory of the Islamic Salvation Front, Abdesselam allowed the resumption of governance responsibilities, with which on July 8 of that year was appointed Prime Minister and Minister of economy by the Chairman of the HCS, Ali Kafi. Although included him among the "barons" of the FLN's Bumedien period, reluctant to democratization measures launched by Bendjedid, he/she was confident in its ability to revive the economy, recalling his father's national industry status, during the years of economic growth. At the end of a year, games, media and business sectors agreed to point out the failure of its management, blaming are you especially the blocking of negotiations on foreign debt with international financial organisms indispensable to obtain new loans. In this context, Abdesselam was dismissed on August 22, 1993 and replaced by Redha Malek.