Biography of King of Amurru Abdi-Ashirta (ca. 1400-1360 a.C.)

(Abdi-a-shi-go-ta or Abdi-ash-ra-ta) King of the País de Amurru, which, although nominally it was possession Egyptian - as it is clear from the letters of Tell - Amarna-, could govern completely independently. However, there was to cope on occasion to Mitanni, power that always wanted to control the territorial space of Amurru, of vague borders. With Abdi-Ashirta, Amurru begins to reach some prestige and military capacity, example of which would be its interventions and conquests in Ammiya, Ardata, Irqata and even in the own Ugarit. In one of the bordering Egyptian troops fighting was made prisoner and taken to Egypt, where he/she died in a public ceremony in order, according to some Egyptologists, of Akhenaten. His son Azirusucceeded him as King Governor of the country.