Biography of King of Sidón Abdi-Milkot (681-676 a.C.)

(Bdmlkt) Phoenician King of Sidon, successor of Itthobaal I. After the assassination of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, Abdi-Milkot allied himself with Prince Kurdi and Sizzu (Cilicia), called Sanduarri, to try to shake off the Assyrian control of their city, but the new King Assarhaddon attacked shortly afterwards, in retaliation, the city of Sidon (677 BC). Defeated sidonio King, he/she was beheaded the following year and his head taken to Nineveh, where it was exhibited through the streets. Sidon was destroyed and replaced by a new city, Kar-Ashshurakh-Idinna ("Assarhaddon Pier"). Part of its territory was handed over to the King Ba'al I of tyre.