Biography of al-Zagal Abdullah (s. XV)

Brother of the emir of Granada, Abul Hasán (Muley make), and member of the Nasrid dynasty, was Governor of Malaga in 1482. He/She beat the hosts Christian at the battle of La Ajarquía, in 1483; Although the people of Granada failed to retrieve Alhama, important place on the road from Granada to Malaga which fell from a year earlier. When the son of the emir, Muhammad XII (Boabdil, the boy), revolted in early 1483, supporters of his father was admitted as effective Chief al - Zagal, while the Spaniards took advantage of the discord that Granada were immersed. It fell upon him the brunt of the fight when his brother the emir, tired and old, abdicated. Then reached the agreement with Boabdil's divide up the Kingdom, so it would be installed in al - Zagal in the Alhambra and the ALBAYZIN. In 1487 Boabdil recovered dominion over the city of Granada and renewed his allegiance to Castile with the condition to deliver the capital in Exchange for a large Manor in the eastern part of the Kingdom when it was defeated al - Zagal. To this there were some towns, such as trick and Almeria, but the first fell in 1489 after a siege of six months and followed Gaudiz, Almeria and the squares of the Zenete. In 1490 he/she emigrated to Mah-greb, where he/she died.

La Alhambra de Granada, with sierra Nevada in the background.