Biography of King of la taifa de Arcos Abdun (ca. 1005-1053)

King of the taifa of Arcos (Cadiz), born about 1005 and died in 1053.

Abdun had Berber origin and belonged to the family of the Zanata Jizruníes. Son of Muhammad I Imad al-Dawla, who had declared independent in arches and surrounding areas at the beginning of the civil war, inherited the possessions of his father upon his death in 1029. Remained in power without complications until in 1053 al - Mu' mu'tadid of Seville, which developed a policy of annexation of the small taifas, tried to absorb the Kingdom of arches and apprehended and murdered Abdun. However arches was not conquered and Abdun was succeeded by his brother Muhammad II al-Qaim.


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