Biography of Abel (personaje bíblico)

According to the Bible, son of Adam and Eve, Cain's twin brother. This was the farmer, while Abel was devoted to grazing. Both made offerings to the God creator of heaven and Earth: Cain the first fruits of its fruits, and Abel offered the young of your flock. God said that the sacrifice of Abel, was pleasant but rejected that of Cain, which devoured by envy, killed his brother. Thus the first murder that stained the Earth was, according to the Bible. Many fathers of the Church have said that Abel died without having married. This view gave rise to a sect who was born in Africa in time of Arcadio and Honorius, and which was called the Abelitas or Abelians, which did not admit the marriage. Poetry and arts have used the issue of the death of Abel; the poem of Gesner and the tragedy of Legouvé, which bear this name, are some of the works in which this matter is collected.