Biography of Sir Frederick Augustus Abel (1827-1902)

Chemical English inventor of the cordite, a type of explosive, born in London on July 17, 1827 and died in the same city on 6 September 1902.

It was chemical of the English war Ministry, and studied and improved the manufacturing process of the cotton of gunpowder, initiated by the Austrian chemist V. Lenk. Its main improvement consisted of gunpowder cotton shape and give it a stability which facilitates its application in a lot of military applications. The procedure consisted of pulping cotton fine once nitrided; you could then wash better stuff and was eschewed all traces of acids, which produce reactions slow degradation which may cause spontaneous inflammation and reduce the explosive potential of the matter. In a State of fine pulp can then modelled at will for any kind of operations. He/She also built a device that allows you to measure the calorific strength of oil and its derivatives in the flash point, widely used until the first half of the 20th century.

In 1883 he/she was Commissioner at the electrical exhibition in Vienna, circumstance by which was knighted by the British Crown. He/She was adviser the Government Chemist, Member of the Committee of artillery and the Royal Engineers Committee and Chairman of the Committee of the army explosives. Their various technical writings include Gun Cotton (1866), Researches on explosives (1875), Electricity as applied to explosive purposes (1884) and a treatise of chemistry written in 1858 in collaboration with the chemical compatriot Bloxam.