Biography of Augusto Abelaira (1926-2003)

Narrator, journalist and Portuguese University Professor, born in Cantanhede in March 1926 and died in Lisbon on July 11, 2003. Dump from his youth to the study of the humanities, took advanced studies in history and philosophy, subjects that later constituted the object of their teaching activities. In addition, cultivated wisely journalism, profession in which reached great popularity as an editor in the Rotary Popular newspaper and Magazine Journal of letters, as well as the performance of his position as director of programs of the Radio TV Portuguesa (RTP). He/She was also director of global life and Seara Nova magazine.

At the end of the 1950s it became known as writer through the publication of the novel entitled A Cidade das Flores (1959), work that followed, a year later, another extensive narration to, published under the title Os deserters (1960), confirmed to Abelaira as one of the voices most promising of the young Portuguese narrative. The good reception given to these two works by critics and readers encouraged Augusto Abelaira to engage in the wording of one of the best narratives of Portuguese literature of the second half of the 20th century. It is titled novel As Boas Intenções (1963), which was awarded, in the same year of its appearance, the prestigious prize "Ricardo Malheiros" awarded the Academy of Sciences.

Consecrated, after the publication of this work, as one of the major prose writers of contemporary Portuguese literature, Augusto Abelaira gave to press other many titles of notable interest, including pleasant Enseada (1966), Bolor (1968), Sem Tecto among ruins (1979) or Trionfo of morte (1981), O Bosque harmonious (1982), or only Animal (1985), Deste mode ou Daquele (1990) and OutroraAgora (romance, 1996). Author, also, of some of the most brilliant short stories of his time, picked up several of his short stories in the volume entitled Quatro Paredes Nuas (1972).

Among the major honors and awards that, besides the already mentioned, have distinguished the literary production of Augusto Abelaira, remember the prize "City of Lisbon", awarded in 1979 for his novel Sem Tecto among ruins, as well as the "great prize of novel of the APE", granted in 1997 to work Outrora, Agora.

See Portugal: literature.


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