Biography of Manuel Abella (1753-1800)

Spanish historian, born in Pedrola, Zaragoza, in 1753. He/She studied in the pious schools in Zaragoza and studied law at the University of that city. It was protected by the Dukes of Villahermosa and catalogued the ducal file. In 1795 he/she received authorization to consult several files and libraries of Spain; his research focused on the files of Monserrat, Madrid, El Escorial and Barcelona. The Real Academia de la Historia tasked with the elaboration of the geografico-historico dictionary of the Kingdom of Aragon and Navarre, Guip├║zcoa. He/She made several studies on medieval Castilian coins, during the reign of Alfonso VIII. He/She died in Zaragoza at the beginning of the 19th century.

Author among other writings of the story book and a travel plan to recognize the files and form the diplomatic collection of Spain, commissioned by the King [in the] year 1795.-Madrid: IMP. Real, 1795. The manuscripts of his library are today kept in the Royal Academy of history, although unfortunately they don't have any catalog.