Biography of Abgar (75 a.C.-35 a.C.)

Name of a series of princes who reigned in the city of Edessa in Mesopotamia, from the second century b.c. to the third of our was. One of the most known is Abgar Mannus, which historians called also Abarus, Arcamno and Acharo. He/She ascended the throne the year 57 b.c., time which Mesopotamia belonged in part to the Romans. When Crassus launched his expedition against the Parthians, Abgar Mannus volunteered to serve as a guide, led them through the deserts, deprived of water and brought down the Roman army in possession of deliveries. The Princes of Edessa had many Jews among his subjects, and soon met Christianity; some, after embracing Judaism, became Christian. No doubt this has given rise to the correspondence between each of these Abgar and Jesus Christ, correspondence cited by Eusebius in his ecclesiastical history, and which usually has as apocryphal.