Biography of King of Babilonia Abi-eshukh (1711-1684 a.C.)

(A-bi-e-your-ukh or A-bi-shi or E-bi-shum) Eighth King of the first dynasty of Babylon (amorrean dynasty), son of Samsu-iluna, who was succeeded on the throne. Concern focused on maintaining the unity of the Empire, threatened by the cassitas, already present in the reign of his father. ABI-eshukh could deal with them in a second attack, yes well at the expense of authorizing their installation as farmers and mercenaries in Babylon (Dilbat, Sippar) points. Shortly after, around 1700 B.c., Khana in the Middle Euphrates region, got out of his control to be occupied by the cassita Kashtiliash I. ABI-eshukh also fought against Ilumma-ilum (Iliman), a dark character who had founded a dynasty in the swampy South of the country (country of the sea). Despite diverting the course of the River Tigris to better penetrate the swampy areas, it did not any success. He/She was succeeded by his son Ammi-ditana.