Biography of Abigail (s. XI a.C.)

Biblical person, wife of Nabal, whose rich possessions were extended by the Carmel. According to the story of the Bible, Nabal was crazy, brutal and greedy. On more than one occasion, consecrated King by Samuel, and to whom Saul, then chased had given that man samples of benevolence and friendship. Persecuted and died from hunger and thirst, came one day at the foot of Mount Carmel, and he/she sent one of them who were with him to tell Nabal the State in which it was and ask for help, but not obtaining anything more than a complete denial and a host of insults. Transported in anger, David was going to take a cruel revenge when presented you Abigail, accompanied by a portion of slaves who brought fruit, wine and delicacies of every kind; He/She implored him to his Lord and master, conjured him to accept those present of his unworthy servant. Its charms and its modest generosity moved the heart of David. Nabal is saved and, subsequently, the King of Judea Abigail remembered and put it between their wives.