Biography of Abimelech (¿-1255 a.C.)

The Bible quotes several characters of this name, which means father of the King, and seems to have been common to all the philistine Kings of Gerar (country that we talk about in Genesis), and a general purpose in ancient times among the Kings of the East. The first Abimelech that talk about writing was contemporary of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah. Bible credited the two almost similar adventure: the first Abimelech, according to a biblical story, taken no doubt from some ancient tradition, stole Sarah, wife of Abraham, which despite its eighty years was still very beautiful. Abraham presented it as his sister, because he/she was born of the same father but of another mother. So Abimelech claimed by excuse their ignorance, when God, who appeared in a dream, threatened with death by the abduction of Sara. Abimelech was returned to its Patriarch, her husband, giving Sara thousand silver coins to buy a veil that hide their beauty to the public admiration. Having invited Abraham to settle in his State, he/she formed an Alliance whose duration and effects should extend to his posterity with him. Point in which vowed this alliance called hereafter Ber-Sabee (well of the oath). This story seems entirely to the adventures of the second Abimelech with Isaac and Rebekah. The third and last Abimelech, that talk about the Bible, lived in Palestine in the time of the judges, and died by the year of 1255 b.c. He/She was the son of Gideon and a concubine. He/She replaced his father as head of Israel at the expense of legitimate siblings; attracted the hatred of his subjects for many acts of violence and cruelty, particularly with the inhabitants of Sichem, and perished in the siege of a city: a woman threw her from a stone tower mill which broke the head.