Biography of Abner (s. XI a.C.)

Hebrew name ('the father is luminar') of a Biblical character repeatedly mentioned in the books of Samuel and Kings by have played an important role during the reigns of Saul and David. The story of the Bible presents him as a cousin of Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin, who becomes general and confidant of the first King of Judah, in the campaigns against the Philistines. It was he/she who led to David, with the head of Goliath in the hand, before Saul (17.57 1S).

In the narration of the first book of Samuel (1S 26), Abner appears as head of the personal guard ensure the King, Saul, although unable to prevent the incursion of David. On the death of Saul, confronts David to give their support to Isbaal or Ishbosheth, son of the deceased King, which reached to proclaim King (2S 2, 8 ff.). Captain troops fighting the loyal to David, to the front to Joaband Asahel and Abisay, nephews of David, killing Asahel (2S 2, 23).

At approaching Rispa, concubine of Saul, it seems to make clear their personal aspirations to the throne, so it breaks on Isbaal (2S 3, 7 ff.). At that time seeks Alliance with David, but is soon after killed by Joab, who thus come the death of their brother Asahel (2S 3, 27). After you record David that he/she has given the order to kill him, buried him in Hebron in the midst of great honors (2S 3, 32); shortly afterwards it burying is also in his grave head Isbaal, beheaded by a few men of David without his consent (2S 4, 12). In 2S 3, 33 s. is attributed to David a brief lay, somewhat ambiguous, to the death of Abner.


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