Biography of Isaac Abrabanel o Avrabanel (1437-1508)

Philosopher and thinker hispano-hebreo, born in Lisbon and died in Venice. His Hebrew name was Tetuán Ben Yehuda. Sometimes also referred to as Abravanel or Abarbanel. He/She was first in the service of the Kings of Portugal, and then to the of the Reyes Católicos of Spain, residing in Toledo since 1484 until the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. He/She tried to in vain that has annulled the Decree of expulsion, but also he/she had to emigrate. He/She was a famous writer, called the Jewish sage, and the Prince. His works include: beginning of the faith (1505), source of salvation (1579), comments to the Pentateuch (1586), comments on the first and second prophets (1642). Abrabanel was obsessed by the expectation messianic, typical of its time. He/She criticized the idea of pre-existence of matter and of the eternity of the world. Also it differed from Maimonides in the doctrine of prophecy, as while it regarded it as a special cognitive ability, Abrabanel believed that it was a divine gift subject to moral purity.