Biography of Abrahán Ben Isaac ha-Leví (¿-1393)

Expert Jewish rabbinical science, exegete, and liturgical poet, possibly born in Barcelona at the beginning of the 14th century. He/She was leader of the Jewish community of Gerona and had to leave this city in the persecutions of 1391, moving with her son José to Narbonne. It is possible to continue their journey to Palestine, but in any case he/she returned to Spain where he/she died shortly afterwards. He/She is known with the name of Tamak, of sense not very clear.

Exchanged letters (some in poetic form) with Nissim Girondí. Some of his poems are preserved: a composition written for the feast of the Passover and four lamentations. Its activities in the field of biblical exegesis has been a commentary on the song of songs.


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