Biography of Abrahán Benveniste (ca.1406-ca.1454)

Rabbi and Court Jew born in Soria, who dealt, along with Juan Hurtado de Mendoza and Don Álvaro de Luna, organize the collection of taxes and supplies to troops at the time of Juan II; in 1430 it appears as collector in some documents. In 1432, at the request of the aljamas, he/she received the title of Rab of the Court, with the task of administering justice and raise taxes in the Castilian communities.

It gathered representatives from the Castilian aljamas that produced a few Ordinances (taqqanot) aimed at promoting the study of the Torah, regular election of the judges, defend themselves from allegations of the malsines, set taxes and services, avoid ostentation in dress, and in general, encourage to the strict observance of Jewish laws in communities in Valladolid. Thanks to these Ordinances will renew Jewish life in the second half of the 15th century. The text, written in Castilian in Hebrew characters, has been edited by y. Moreno: De iure hispano-hebraico. The Taqqanot of Valladolid in 1432. A renewing communal Statute. (Salamanca: Univ.) Pont. Salamanca, Univ. Granada, 1987).


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