Biography of Abrahán Bibago (¿-ca. 1489)

Thinker, translator and Jewish commentator of the works of Aristotle, also known as Abrahán Bivach. He/She was born in Aragon, and lived in Huesca and Zaragoza, where he/she directed the rabbinical Academy. It could handle philosophical sources written in Arabic and latin. He/She participated in numerous disputes with Christian theologians in the Court of Juan II of Aragón, trying to confirm in the Jewish faith to those who were leaning toward conversion. It had already died in 1489, when the Inquisition judged a case of circumcision of converts adults in Huesca where he/she had participated in 25 years earlier and that cost the life of his brother Isaac.

Drafted comments to the Analytica back and the physics and metaphysics of Aristotle, on the basis of their Arab performers, like Averroes; He/She however rejected the idea of the eternity of the world, as he/she emphasized at CEs hayyim, 'The tree of life'. His most important work is Derek emunah, «Road of faith», expressing a stance against the rationalism and the anti-intelectualismo, and studying issues of faith and reason, the divine nature and the principles of the Jewish religion.


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