Biography of Abrahán de Toledo (s. XIII)

Physician and Jewish translator, named Don Abraham the Alfaquin romance sources. It has been suggested that his Jewish name might be Abrahán Abenxuxen or ibn Sosan. It was one of the partners of the King Alfonso X the wise in the translation of scientific works in Arabic into Spanish. He/She took part at least in the version of the Liber de world et coelo (of al - Haitham) and the of the Acafeha (revised in 1277), as well as in retroversion to latin of Mahoma (1264) scale. It seems that it was held hostage by a group of nobles that, to 1270, rebelled against the King and tried to make it with goods and privileges of the Jews. The situation was controlled again by Alfonso X in 1275. We just have other data about his life and scientific activity.


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