Biography of Abrahán el Barchilón (s. XIII)

Court Jew who lived in Toledo, though, as his name suggests, his family came from Barcelona. He/She held positions of importance in Spanish finance in time of King Sancho IV of Castile, son of Alfonso X (1284-95). If the last years of the reign of Alfonso the wise had been little conducive for the toledan Jews, which the Barchilon name appears on the books of the Royal Chancellery of 1284, it means that at the beginning of the new reign return to positions of influence.

Thanks to his friendship with the count Don Lope de Haro, King Sancho leased him for two years the right to Mint currency of gold, the collection of taxes of the Jews, fines, etc. His signature appears on Hebrew in documents signed by the King himself, while the fall in disgrace and subsequent execution of Don Lope de Haro cut his career. In 1290 it leases back the right to claim for the Crown alienated territories, together with the poet and courtier toledano Todros Abulafia.


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