Biography of Abrahán ibn Alfacar (¿-ca.1240)

Rabbi Jewish, Member of a prominent family of Grenadian origin that settled in Toledo after the arrival of the Almohads (12th century). Abraham enjoyed great influence at the Court during the first half of the 13th century, and was appointed by King Rabbi of Castile. The Arab dominated to the point to write poems in that language so that in Hebrew. He/She composed a panegyric in honour of Alfonso VIII. The King sent on a diplomatic mission to the Almohad Sultan of Morocco, Abu YaCqub. The text of the tombstone is known, probably was his grave in the Toledo Jewish cemetery, although it is unknown where he/she is currently.

He was protector of the writers of his time and deserved the praise of several of them, as it is the case of Judá ibn Sabbetay or Meir Abulafia, his brother-in-law. Judá al - Harizi mentioned among the famous Jews of the city.


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