Biography of Abrahán ibn Sahl (ca. 1212-ca. 1260)

Jewish poet, born in Seville and converted to Islam. Already in his youth won deserved fame with his poetry, to which he/she devoted his best energies. He/She traveled by various sites of al - Andalus and North Africa. Are converted to Islam during the persecution of the Almohad, although there are some who claim that he/she returned to Judaism after the conquest of Seville by the Christians in 1248. There are conflicting news about the date of his death, that some people think that it took place in a shipwreck.

He wrote most of his works in Arabic and is considered as one of the best Arab poets of al - Andalus. It is known especially for his Strophic compositions, of the type moaxajas. His poetry meets subjects of Arabic literature with some drawn from Jewish tradition. Their eulogies, there are many but particularly appreciated his love poems, in part at least, autobiographical. It is said that it was the best poet of his time, because "met two humiliations: being in love and Jewish". It reached great popularity, which has remained to the present day in North Africa and Egypt. A wide selection of eighty of his poems has been translated into Spanish by T. Garulo (2nd ed., Madrid: Hiperión, 1984).


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