Biography of Abrahán Rimok (s. XIV)

Teacher and Jewish exegete, born in Barcelona in the middle of the 14th century. His family, fleeing from the dangers of the time, took him to Barbastro to 1378 and there he/she lived nearly 35 years, where he/she suffered the persecution of 1391. He/She participated in the dispute of Tortosa (1413-14) and, at the end, amid a climate of widespread desertions of Judaism, preferred to leave everything that had and retire with his disciples to another city to avoid being forced to become.

He is the author of a commentary on Psalms, still in manuscript, in which collects some of his experiences and echoes of the problems of his time. Like many intellectuals of his time, he/she joins Aristotelian thought with some elements of Kabbalah, and rejects the averroism and astrology. In his work there are constant apologetic allusions, which defends against Christians, and, especially, against those who have abandoned the Jewish faith. His could be just a commentary on the biblical books of singing and Ruth.


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