Biography of Abrahán Saba (¿-ca.1508)

Jewish biblical commentator and preacher, Kabbalist, who probably lived in Zamora. His brother was sentenced to death and executed in this city in 1485. In 1492 he had to leave Spain and settled in Portugal. In Porto, he wrote commentaries to various books of Scripture and a Treaty of Misna. The decree is in 1497 the forced baptism of Jews, he was forced to bury his manuscripts and spent several months in jail. He later fled to Fez, where he lived ten years. We don't know if he died there same or ended his days in Italy after having gone through Algeria.

His Exegetical works include a commentary on the Pentateuch (Séror has-mor, «Bag of myrrh»), comments on the biblical books called "the five scrolls", and a commentary on Psalms. He wrote also an exhibition about Pirque Abot ("sayings of the parents»), as well as a cabalistic work on the Sephirot or divine emanations and a cabalistic commentary on the prayer of every day.


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