Biography of Abrahán Saba (¿-ca.1508)

Jewish biblical commentator and preacher, Kabbalist, who probably lived in Zamora. His brother was sentenced to death and executed in this city in 1485. In 1492 he/she had to leave Spain and settled in Portugal. In Porto, he/she wrote commentaries to various books of Scripture and a Treaty of Misna. The decree is in 1497 the forced baptism of Jews, he/she was forced to bury his manuscripts and spent several months in jail. He/She later fled to Fez, where he/she lived ten years. We don't know if he/she died there same or ended his days in Italy after having gone through Algeria.

His Exegetical works include a commentary on the Pentateuch (Séror has-mor, «Bag of myrrh»), comments on the biblical books called "the five scrolls", and a commentary on Psalms. He/She wrote also an exhibition about Pirque Abot ("sayings of the parents»), as well as a cabalistic work on the Sephirot or divine emanations and a cabalistic commentary on the prayer of every day.


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