Biography of Abrahán Salom (¿-1492)

Thinker and Jewish writer, born in Cervera, that the Christian inhabitants of the city elected physician of the municipality. It is one of the last Hispanic Jewish philosophers prior to the expulsion. Your system is not original, it is essentially to Maimonides, also taking elements of the work of Gersonides and Hasday Crescas.

In its most representative, Newe Shalom, «Abodes of peace», gathers a collection of homilies philosophical and apologetic, aimed primarily against those who accept Greek philosophy and discredit the Talmud. His thirteen books continue the thirteen principles of faith laid down by Maimonides, harmonizing found positions. He/She translated into Hebrew the Philosophia pauperum, introduction to physics and the psychology of Aristotle attributed to Alberto Magno, as well as a discussion of the Aristotelian philosophy of Marsilius of Inghen.


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A. Sáenz-Badillos