Biography of Abrahán Senior (ca.1412-ca.1493)

Court Jew who played an important role in the administration of the Kingdom of Castile in the second half of the 15th century. He/She lived in Segovia and was devoted to the collection of taxes in the last years of Enrique IV. In 1476, he/she was named greatest Rabbi and judge of the Jews of Castile, and the Kings differentiated him with positions of trust. From his position of wealth and influence, he/she made as he/she could to help his Jewish co-religionists who were in material difficulties or endangered by the Inquisition. He/She participated with Isaac Abravanel in supplies for the campaign of Granada.

In 1492, before the expulsion decree signed by the Catholic monarchs, and under real pressure, almost eighty years, he/she decided to develop together with his son-in-law Meir Melamed and other members of his family. It took the name of Fernan Nuñez Coronel. He/She was appointed Alderman of Segovia and other positions of importance were entrusted to him.


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