Biography of Pablo Abraira (1949-VVVV)

Melodic singer born in Madrid on July 1, 1949.

Pablo Abraira was very successful in the second half of the 1970s heading to a public mass in the same group of soloists where Miguel Gallardo or Camilo Sesto, Lorenzo Santamaria were also. However, its beginnings were oriented towards the blues. With little less than twenty years became a part of the group Los Grimm where he replaced Pedro Ample (Pedro Ruy Blas) when this in turn, was group to replace Teddy Bautista in Los Canarios which had to fulfill military service. Abraira did not have any success with Los Grimm but developed a vocal technique and some tables which later would come it very well in his solo career. His musical training was very solid in his childhood and youth, and this allowed him to absorb all the knowledge.From 1976 he decided to work together melodic repertoire Alvaro Nieto as producer and Rafael Pérez Botija as a composer and arranger. They launched huge hit as or songs you or nothing in 1976, Hawk or dove in 1977 and later wet gunpowder, a tough love and white tears. It was regularly publish LP that sold well, although they used to emphasize one or two songs and the rest pure filler. The first big album published it in 1977, 30 February followed by four more considerable success.Along with these songs which gave him considerable fame, Pablo Abraira participated in various musical shows. The first of them was Lovy's Oscar Gómez, who failed spectacularly. However, Abraira triumphed in the role of Che Guevara in Evita and also the second replenishment of Jesucristo Superstar where he starred in the starring role of first figure.These appearances in the operas rock, as it was known at the time, allowed him to make triumphal tours of South America market that oriented itself strongly from 1985. His latest album of success dates back two years later, feelings workshop.


February 30, 1977.Visiones, sleeping 1978.Ciudad, 1979.Vida, 1981.Cuarto growing, feelings 1983.Taller, 1987.