Biography of Mercedes Abrego de Reyes (1750-1813)

Heroine of the independence of Colombia. He/She was born in Cúcuta to the year 1750. He/She died there himself in the year of 1813. Since the beginning of the war of independence, Doña Mercedes Reyes de Abrego said his enthusiasm and support for the Patriots. He/She met the Liberator Simón Bolívar in the military campaigns of Cúcuta. He/She collaborated with the Republican armies that fought the Spanish troops by Ramón Correa and Bartolomé Lizón in the Valley of Cucuta and neighboring places. With their secret contacts, it kept informed the troops of general Francisco de Paula Santander on the movements of the Royalist Army. Thanks to its reports, Santander obtained the military triumphs of San Faustino and Capacho against troops of Matute and reeds. He/She was apprehended in Cúcuta by Captain Bartolomé Lizón, and charged with conspiracy and help the Patriots guerrillas, so was sentenced to death on October 13, 1813.