Biography of Ermilo Abreu Gómez (1894-1971)

Writer, teacher and Mexican critic, born in Mérida (in the State of Yucatán) in 1894, and died in Mexico City in 1971. He/She inaugurated the neocolonialist studies from his deep interest in the pre-Hispanic period. Fruit of that fascination is his main work, Canek (1947), which received its title of Jacinto Canek, character who led a rebellion against the Spanish in 1761. In love with the themes and legends of his country from a nationalist perspective, he/she wrote El Corcovado (1924), Quetzalcoatl, sleep and wakefulness (1947), Martín Luis Guzmán (1968), work on the life of a writer and contemporary Mexican revolutionary and the life of the venerable servant of God, Gregorio López. He/She is also the author of a fictionalized autobiography, fairy tales and literary studies, about sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Ruiz de Alarcón and Don Quixote.