Biography of Mario Abreu (1919-1993)

Venezuelan painter born on 22 August 1919 in the small town of Turmero, (Aragua State), and falleciio on February 20, 1993. He/She studied at the school of fine arts of Caracas and was one of the founding members of the renovator workshop free of art, where he/she worked since its founding.

In the year of 1952, he/she traveled to Europe; He/She settled in the French capital until 1961, date in which he/she returned to his country. His work, characterized by a constant investigation and experimentation with materials and forms, has drunk heavily of avant-garde movements, especially those derived from an approach to the Dadaist and surrealist approaches. Until 1964, his painting is characterized by a constant creation of shapes and mythological visions that mixed American memories with personal inventions. In 1965, with the presentation of their magical objects in the exhibition held at the Museum of fine arts in Caracas, his work gained a wider dimension. Then became an "assembler of plastics" and re-shaped the industrial objects within a new context cultural, close to fields and magical popular speeches. The artistic language of Abreu moves between its roots with the Venezuelan popular culture and his need to express those ties within a language influenced by the so-called international Vanguards.