Biography of Gabriel Abreu y Barreda (1860-1940)

Spanish architect born in 1860 in Madrid and died in Madrid on March 11, 1940.

Gabriel Abreu was titled as architect on March 4, 1886, was also licensed in exact sciences, and was a professor at the Superior School of architecture of Madrid. He/She received two third medals in national exhibitions of the years 1867-1899, in addition to a medal in 1912. He/She was appointed Knight of Alfonso XII, Commander of number of Carlos III and received the silver medal of Alfonso XIII.

His works include the Ministry of State, the Church of San Francisco el Grande, the buildings of the legation in Spain, the Association of nursing homes and hospices marine in Spain. In 1931, when was created the College of architects of Madrid, he/she enrolled in it with the number four.

One of his most important works is the construction next to Fernando GarcĂ­a de Mencadal of the Palacio of ice and the car between 1920 and 1922, on a project of Lune Edmon; This building, situated in the calle Duque de Medinaceli, is currently the headquarters of the Superior Council of scientific research. The core of the building was a large skating rink 55 by 27 meters on which stretched a Gallery open to the height of the mezzanine. The top floor was dedicated to the exhibition of automobiles. In 1928 it became a property of the State and became a center of historical studies. Its layout was altered macizando track with courtyards and offices. The iron and glass canopies and arches of the second floor gallery were eliminated from the facade.