Biography of Fernando Abril Martorell (1936-1998)

Politician and Spanish businessman, born in Valencia on August 31, 1936 and died in Madrid on February 16, 1998.

He attended high school in his hometown and later he/she studied in the school of engineers agronomists of Madrid, where he/she ended the race in 1960. Subsequently graduated in political science, and received the Ph.d. in both races. From 1968 to 1970 participated in the Group of Catholic action, although the political career of April Martorell started in 1969, date in which he/she held the position of President of the Diputación Provincial de Segovia. It belonged to the 9th and 10th legislatures of the organic, as President of the Council and as a family representative for the province courts respectively. During this last term he/she served on commissions of trade and finance. In July 1976, he/she was appointed Minister of agriculture in the first Government of Adolfo Suárez. After the first general election of 1977, and on the occasion of the ministerial remodeling, he/she left the portfolio of agriculture and became the third Vice-President of the Government for political affairs, which meant a rise in his political career. It was considered, along with Alfonso Guerra, one of the most important negotiators of the political transition. In the general elections of 1982 he/she presented himself as candidate of the UCD for the constituency of Valencia, but it got no seat.

Retired from active political life, he/she joined the business world. He/She was appointed President of Union Naval de Levante, whose majority shareholder was the Central Bank. In December 1987, he/she was appointed Director of the Central Bank, in which was confirmed in January 1988 at shareholders meeting. Three years later, when in 1991 came the merger of the Central with the Hispanic-American, giving the new Banco Central Hispano, Fernando Abril became the Vice President of the new entity.

In June 1990, he/she was appointed President of the Commission's analysis and evaluation of the national system of health, created by the Ministry of health to design a reform in public health. Called father of the health-care reform in the 1990s, he/she insists to apply payment by pensioners of a part of the medicines and the free choice of doctor.

On the occasion of the problems created in the European Union after the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht and the need that Spain is forced to reduce the differences that separate it from the main economic powers in the EU, Martorell proposed a national agreement between the political forces and social agents in the style of the Covenants of the Moncloain which he/she actively participated.