Biography of Absalom (ca. 1000 a.C.)

(Abessalom) Third son of David and Maaka, daughter of Talmay, King of Guesur. To avenge the honour of his sister Tamar, incestuosamente raped by Amnon, the eldest half-brother, Absalom was forced to kill him in Baal-Jasor on the occasion of a feast of shear. After that he/she was to flee to Guesur, fearful of the wrath of David. Thanks, however, to the intervention of Joab, Absalom managed to reconcile with his father David and return to Jerusalem, but then rebelled against it hoping to succeed him on the throne. By demagogic management managed to be proclaimed King in Hebron, which led to the clash of father and son. David, who had been forced to flee, soon reorganized his army and resumed the fight. He/She called on his soldiers that respect as his life of his rebellious son, but Joab, disobeying the order, killed Absalom in the forest of Ephraim to find him hanging from the branches of an oak tree, where the hair is had tangled. Learned the fact David, his pain was such, that that day returned to Jerusalem as if it had been defeated. Absalom had three sons and one daughter that there is no historical references.