Biography of Absalon (1964-1993)

Israeli sculptor born in Ashdod in 1964 and died in Paris in 1993.

He discovered his vocation in France when, twenty-three years old, he/she decided to leave his native country and settle in Paris. There he/she began working with simple as the cardboard, Cork or wood materials to manufacture small white boxes that made architectural models in miniature. In 1987 he/she presented his first exhibition under the title stem, in silence and, a year later, shows it Compartiments which included series of anonymous objects evenly coated with plaster.

During the Decade of the nineties, it radicalized its spatial sobriety with works such as Propositions d'habitation, stem and Solutions; architectural units which was intended to represent, in real format, minimum clearances to ensure the physical survival of the human being and that the artist himself destined to itself. These autonomous spaces of solitude, obsessively white and illuminated with neon, maintained a rigid functional structure with tables to sleep, eat and sit and sink to the toilet. At the end of his life, he/she decided to build one of its cells survival in six different cities and inhabit them.