Biography of Abu Bakr (570-634)

First Arab Caliph, a successor to his father-in-law, Mahoma, born in the year 570 in Mecca and died in 634 in Medina. His real name was Abd-el-Łódź, which would later change by Abu Bakr, when his daughter was married to the Prophet.

One of the first followers of the new religion, accompanied Muhammad on the Hijra and hid him from his pursuers. For this reason, and due to their direct kinship, happened to Muhammad in the Caliphate following the death.

Appointed as Caliph in the year 632, during his short tenure faced the first schism that emerged: fought against Moseilima and Asuwat, leaders of two dissident movements. Stifled the various rebellions, Abu Bakr extended the domains of Islam by Syria.

It to the compilation of the Qur'aan, as above Quranic texts were scattered in various independent texts written by the Secretaries of Muhammad, Abu compiled them and added to them the oral tradition of the teachings of the Prophet, divided them into six chapters or suras and delivered their custody to one of the widows of Muhammad.

His death almost all the Arabian peninsula was unified and Muslims had come to the borders of the Byzantine and Persian Empires. Omarhappened.