Biography of Gobernador de Murcia Abú Bakr Ahmed ibn Tahir (ca.973-1063)

Governor of the cora de Tudmir (Murcia), born about 973 and died in 1063. Although did not print money not to use honorific nicknames, maintained a more or less independent Government of Murcia, recognizing the sovereignty of various kings of taifa.

Belonging to a prominent Arab family qaysi installed in the 8th century in the cora de Tudmir and that he/she had held important posts during the Caliphate, Abu Bakr Ahmed ibn Tahir obtained from the Slavonic Zuhayr Government of Murcia in 1028. During the reign of Zuhayr Abú Bakr found opposition from Abu Amr ibn Khattab, another notable from a family rooted in Murcia in the 8th century, who had the support of the powerful Mujaahid of Denia, whose troops seized Abú Bakr. He/She was rescued by Zuhayr, paid a high amount of money for this and that also sent to Almeria to the Banu Jattab to prevent new clashes between both families. However the presence of Mujaahid in Murcia created significant interests in its favor in the area and after the death of Zuhayr, Regulus deniense attacked the cora de Tudmir, Elche and Orihuela.

Abu Bakr Ahmed ibn Tahir developed his Government with local authorities as well as recognize the sovereignty of the Kings of taifa: first that of Zuhayr, but after his death in 1038, Abú Bakr acknowledged the sovereignty of the new Lord of Murcia, Valencia Abul Hassan Abdel Aziz . However, this submission was increasingly more nominal and Abú Bakr was expanding its independence with regard to the taifa of Valencia. The Chronicles show its good governance and its moderate administration of Justice, policy and fiscal management; among their duties was keep troops quartered in the region; also sent tributes of State revenues to Abdel Aziz, but always after having covered the needs of his Government, which won him great popularity among his subjects.

He died two years after Abdel Aziz and was succeeded by his son Muhammad ibn Ahmed, which Murcia reached full sovereignty.


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