Biography of King of la taifa de Toledo Abú Bakr Yais ibn Muhammad (¿-1028)

First King of the taifa of Toledo, born in date unknown and died in Calatayud in 1028.

Yais was Qadi of the city of Toledo during the Caliphate period and to 1010 rose against the Governor of Abd al-Malik ibn Abd al-Rahmán ibn Matiyo city for their bad behavior to the subjects. Although it is unknown the exact date in which Toledo was declared independent, to 1010 Yais assumed the leadership of a group of notables from Toledo who exerted a kind of municipal government. This coalition was together with Yais one such Ibn Masarra, which some historians was the first who achieved the Supreme command of the city; also highlighted the clan of the Banu Matiyo. Yais mandate did not last long: by disagreements with the other members of the municipal corporation was removed from power and established in Calatayud, where he/she died. Power joined Abd al - Rahmán ibn Matiyo.


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