Biography of King of la taifa de Murviedro Abú Isa Ibn Lubbun (s. XI)

King of the taifa of Murviedro (Sagunto), who lived in the 11th century.

Muladi origin, was a pious alfaqui from a family of officials of al - Ma' Muni of Toledo. The Chronicle of Ibn al - Jatib presents him as Lord of Alcala de Henares, although it does not need the date that developed his mastery over the city. In 1086 the ruler of Valencia received al-Qadir the Government of the city of Valencia, but he/she left it in the same year and moved to the fortress of Murviedro, which could declare independent thanks to the weakness of the taifa which still survived in the last quarter of à. XI. In 1088 it accepted the sovereignty of Al-Mundhir Ibn Hud of Denia and Lleida, but their protection was not enough to prevent the intervention of the Cid in the Affairs of Levante and the sovereign of Murviedro was forced to pay substantial pariahs to Rodrigo de Vivar. In November of 1092 Abu Isa Lubbun gave the castle of Murviedro to Abd al - Malik Ibn Hudayl to de Albarracín, as a unique way of refusing to comply with the order of the Cid to DOS alcaides de Valencia-dependent castles, cater to the Christian troops marching towards the city of the Turia. Abu Isa ibn Lubbun moved with his family to Santa María de Abén Razin protected by Abd al - Malik. The treatment he/she received from the Lord of Albarracín did not fulfill your expectations, as it can be seen from the verses that Abu Isa dedicated to your host during your stay in Santa María. The date of his death is unknown.


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