Biography of Geber Abu-Musah-Al Sofi (s. VIII-IX)

Famous Arabic Alchemist, who lived at the end of the 8th century or beginning of the 9th. Some claim that he/she was born in Hauran (Mesopotamia), while others think that it was descended from Thus (Korasan province, Persia). His work on metals to verify the transformation into gold, led him to discover the corrosive sublimate, red precipitate, the etching, silver nitrate and other compounds. The following manuscripts of his are known: Summa collectionis complementi Secretorum Natur?, Summa perfectionis, Compendium, Testamentum, rebus ad Astronomiam Libri pertinentibus, of the requests philosophico, and Tractatus de invenienda art auri et argenti, sive alchymia.