Biography of Abú Nasr Futuh. King of la taifa de Ronda (¿-ca. 1066)

King of the taifa of Ronda born date unknown and died in 1065 or 1066. He held the Government since the 1057 until his death. The King of the taifa of Seville, Al-Mu'tadid conspired against her and after his death succeeded in annexing the territory of round.

Belonging to the family of Berber origin of the yafranies, was son Abu Nur Hilal ibn Abi Qurra ibn dunes al - Yafrani. Declared rightful heir on the death of his father, who had executed his older brother, Badis, accusing him of betrayal when it took the throne that his father had lost in 1053 When falling prisoner of the taifa King of Seville.

He was recognized as King taifa of Malaga being mentioned his name from the minarets of mosques in Malaga, in the same way that it was in the territory of round.

Abu Nars was during all his reign under enormous pressure by al - Mu'tadid, who after several attempts to overthrow him, decided to finance a conspiracy in the year 1065 or 1066, which from the inside of round their King finished with life. This conspiracy succeeded and resulted in the death of Abu Nars. In this way the expansion of the taifa of Seville was still unstoppable, at the expense of the small taifas in the surrounding area as the round, so al - Mutaddid was able to become one of the most important Kings of the peninsula.

On the death of Abu Nars, al - Mu'tadid finally managed part of its purposes although it could not annex Malaga, since some time before Abu Nars had lost control of the area, which was annexed by Granada, Malaga from falling into the hands of the Sevillian Régulo fearing. With Abu Nars ended the independence of the Kingdom of Ronda and the power that it had exercised the yafranies from 1016.


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