Biography of Abu Nuwas (s. VIII)

Arabic poet, born in Iranian territory between 747 and 762, and died between 813 and 815. His father was Arab and his Persian mother. He grew up in Basra, lived some years in Kufa and settled in Baghdad, with the exception of a small season that spent in Egypt. We can fit your poetry within the movement started with the Umayyads and matured in the Abbasid era. His extensive work is collected in a Songbook, Diwan, not edited, where all Arab poetic genres are represented. But his fame is based on his "modernist" poems, where, abandoning the old Bedouin songs, sings love and wine. The favorite themes of the poet were the heroic and baquicos although not lacked qasidahs old Arab fashion, satires, eulogies and even ascetic poetry. The poet chose for himself the nickname of the toupee, because his real name was al - Hasan Ibn Hani. Next to the Caliph Harún - al - Raschid, appears in the thousand and one nights. His poetry is melancholy and sensitive and is treated with a rakish realism.