Biography of King of Israel Acab o Ajab (874-853 a.C.)

(Ahab or Achab) Seventh King of Israel, second of the dynasty of Omri. Son of Omri and married to the influential Jezebel, daughter of the King of tyre Itthobaal I, was an illustrious monarch who confronted the arameans of Damascus and came to defeat for two times to his King Ben-Hadad II, one to besiege Samaria and the other in Afeq. For cyclical reasons Ahab returned freedom to Ben-Hadad II, and made him give the Israelite cities seized from Omri. After that they could sign a Pact to deal with the Assyrian Shalmaneser III, who fought at Qarqar (853 BC), a battle against the arameans and other confederates, including Ahab of Israel, who had been involved with some 2000 tanks and a total of 20.900 soldiers. For Ramot Guilead, Ahab had to fight a third time against Ben-Hadad II, but the Israelite King because of a crush's death put an end to the conflict.

Ahab kept the peace with the Phoenicians, as well as with Judah, whose heir Joram married his daughter Athaliah. While the Kingdom of Israel progressed economically during his rule, the fact tolerate the cult to the gods of the Tyrians, propagated by his wife Jezebel, it provoked the confrontation of Ahab with the Prophet Elijah.