Biography of Salvatore Accardo (1941-VVVV)

Italian violinist, born in Turin on September 26, 1941. He/She studied with Lugi d'Ambrosio at the Naples Conservatory, and after obtaining the first prize in the tests of 1956, he/she moved to the Accademia Chigiana of Siena, where he/she carried out studies with Yvonne Astruc. By this time, had already been awarded (1955) at the international contest of Vercelli, and in 1956, at the Geneva International Copncurso. In 1958, gets the prize of the Italian broadcasting and the first prize of the national competition for Violin of Genoa. With these awards, starts its international action, which takes you across Europe and America.

Interested in Chamber music, in 1968, he/she founded the Orchestra of camera Italiana and, in 1972, participates in the formation of the Group I Musici, where he/she will remain until 1977, year in which is definitely devoted to the interpretation of the great repertoire for solo violin. Despite this, his interest in Chamber music has not diminished, but it has moved towards the Organization of a week dedicated to this type of music which is held annually in Naples.

As a soloist, Accardo encompasses the work of Bach and Vivaldi concerts (already dealt with I Musici) to music of our days (thus the fantasy for violin and Orchestra by Walter Piston, which it was dedicated, whims of Sciarrino or Dikhtas of Xenakis), well which has been running and recording of the integral of the works of Paganini which more fame has given himboth on the commitment to a work of greater technical difficulty, by the brilliance of execution, and beyond, by musicological honesty that record even those works, that never led to the disc previously, exceeded the technique of any violinist who was not the legendary Paganini. Since 1987, he/she has begun directing, task that did not reduce his activity as a soloist. The first play directed by him was the comic opera Rossini L'occassione fa il ladro. Between 1973 and 1980, was a professor at the Accademia Chigiana in which in other times outside student. Accardo plays usually in two violins Stradivarius of their property, which known with the names of Reiffenber and Firebird, dating back to 1717 and 1718 respectively.