Biography of Donato Acciaiuoli (1429-1478)

Italian humanist, born in Florence in 1429 and died in Milan 1478. It was known as the old Donato.

Among the great masters who had stood out the name of Juan Argiropulo of Constantinople, teacher, among other matters, of latin and Greek in his native Florence. To Donato Acciaiuoli, great scholar, soon it was a renowned orator, philosopher and mathematician.

He served in various public offices, as city treasurer, President of the Guelphs, and Commissioner of some towns in Tuscany. He/She became Ambassador to the French King Luis XI, who was elected Chief. He/She took part in important political issues related to the Popes Paulo XI and Sixto IV, and in 1473 he/she was appointed gonfaloniere of the Republic.

His work as a man of letters stands out for his translations of Plutarch, and Aristotle (notes on moral and political) into latin. In addition, wrote, also in latin, life of Charlemagne, in 1461 and published Florentine Storia tradotta in volgare of Leonardo Aretino, in 1476.