Biography of Victoria. Duquesa de Bracciano Accorambona (s. XVI)

Italian poetess, Duchess of Bracciano, who lived in the second half of the 16th. She married Francisco Peretti, nephew of Sixto V, who was murdered and she accused of his death, but then was declared innocent. He then married Pablo Girolamo Orsini, Duke of Arcenno, who is also accused of the death of Peretti. When Sixto V ascended to the Papacy, Orsini was presented to him asking if he had something to fear, but the Pope reassured him, ordering him, however, to expel his Duchy many murderers who infest it. Orsini withdrew to Venice and died there; and their relatives, by questions about the execution of the will, did kill Victoria. He left various poetry printed with the name of Virginia N.